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Johan FÖRANDER, attorney and partner

Advokatbyrån Persson & Partners in Malmö
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Company profile

Johan Förander is an attorney and a partner at Advokatbyrån Persson & Partners. Before joining Advokatbyrån Persson & Parners in January 2003 as the law firm´s co-founder, Johan worked for Ernst & Young as business lawyer for two years, from 2000 until 2002, previously he also worked at the Faculty of Law of Lund University as assistant professor for three years, from 1997. Johan is a member of the Bar Association since 2005. His main areas of legal expertise include general business law, IT-law, dispute handling, real estate etc. Johan is fluent in Swedish (native) and English; he has a passive knowledge of German and French. Johan's interest in language, music and technology led him – back in 1997 – to focus on intellectual property law, contract law and IT law; first alone, then as university lecturer and researcher at Lund University and Blekinge Institute of Technology and later as a lawyer and attorney. He has also experience with general business law and litigation, both in the general court and arbitration processes. He holds a degree in law from Lund University.

P&P Law, or Advokatbyrån Persson & Partners,, is a business law orientated law firm with offices in central Malmö and with its roots in the former Ernst & Young Law department, where both partners and one associated partner used to be employed. Currently the law firm comprises two partners and three associated partners with various competences and experience. Partners are Johan Förander and Thorvald Persson, Associated Partners are Claes Englund, Mats Knöös and Roland Jensen. They are a small, yet dynamic law firm with personality and with constant desire to evolve. Their law firm is independent, but they benefit from a large network of people and companies, including a lot of business professionals, such as tax lawyers and other former colleagues at Ernst & Young and business lawyers in other countries.

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general business law, IT-law, dispute handling, real estate etc.


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